Saturday, 25 January 2014

Balance - sweet, salt & sour. Day 5 Juice for Radiance

Today's juice is a perfect balance of sweet, salty and sour and probably thats the reason it is so satisfying! Celery, carrot, apple, amla is a really yummy combination.

Celery has natural salts which make it an ideal veggie to use while creating juices that are not too sweet. And it does bring in a huge profile of nutrients that have a host of health benefits - it regulates the body's alkaline balance which improves digestion, reduces acidity etc. The magnesium in celery acts as a stress reliever and also provides better sleep. It helps reduce bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure. It is rich in Vitamin A and is great for eye health. It also has cancer fighting antioxidants!

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a local superfood! It is a rich source of Vitamin C ( has more Vitamin C than oranges!). Amla helps strengthen the liver and flush out toxins, which helps detoxification. By aiding digestion, it also helps better absorption of calcium, which in turn positively affects bone health, teeth and hair! It is especially known to promote healthy hair growth!

Balance - sweet, salt & sour

10 carrots
1 slim bunch of celery
4 apples
3 amlas

De seed the alma. Wash everything well. Juice!

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